This week, the Epic Games Store is offering players a free Alien game, don’t worry, it’s the good one, Alien: Isolation, and a dungeon crawler in which players challenge a dealer in a living board game.

Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation takes players to the Sevastopol station fifteen years after Ellen Ripley disappeared. Play as her daughter, Amanda, and embark on a search for Ripley. But be careful. You’re not going to be on the station alone, and it’ll take a lot to survive.

If you pick up Alien: Isolation for free this week, you’ll save $40 — which will be useful because there’s nearly $50 in DLC to be had and of course you have to pay for that.

As for the other game, Defiant Development’s Hand of Fate 2 pits players against the Dealer, who uses his cards to challenge them inside a living board game. The game features infinitely replay-able quests that can be changed with cards the players unlock. You may be playing a card game, but the combat takes place in real-time.

Normally, the base edition of Hand of Fate 2 would run $30. So, if you grab both it and Alien: Isolation this week, you’re doing pretty well savings wise. As with Alien: Isolation, Hand of fate has some DLC, although not quite as much — about $27-worth.

In additional EGS news, Epic announced today that players can now download more PC apps via the platform — including Spotify, itch-io, and brave. A full list of the new apps can be found on the Epic Games site.



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