World of Warships has added a new bunch of Swedish destroyers, ranging from Tier V to Tier IX, in today’s Update 0.9.2. The destroyers can be obtained with European Tokens, which you can get from containers you earn by progressing through directives or picked up from daily shipments. You can also pick up the premium Tier X Småland for Free XP. The new destroyers feature long-range and fast-moving torpedoes, as well as the Repair Party consumable in place of a Smoke Generator and, at higher tiers, fast-reloading guns and good anti-aircraft fire.

The update also makes changes to how HE shells work for high-tier cruisers, necessitating changes to the Inertia Fuse For HE Shells skill. Mid-tier cruisers also get a boost to their armor thickness. The description of these changes starts at 2:17 of the video below, and if you can keep up with all the numbers being dropped there, you’re a better captain than I. And I like math.

There are tons of other various and sundry tweaks to the game in this update, all of which you can learn about on the World of Warships site.

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