Date Revealed: Swords of Legends Online’s Forbidden Court Update Arrives November 18, Raid Bosses Detailed

If you’re not ready, prepare yourselves for the new Sparkwood Gardens raid.

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Sword Of Legends Online Sparkwood Gardens

Well, it’s only been six days since we first posted about Swords of Legends Online’s next big update, The Forbidden Court. At the time, Gameforge teased a new zone with accompanying raids, quests, and all the general stuff you expect from a big update and promised that we’d be seeing it “soon”. As of today, we know exactly when “soon” is.

Update 1.1 is scheduled to launch on November 18, at which time it will introduce Chapter 10 of the game’s story and all the items promised before. While the developer did promise two raids, we all know how this works: One will drop before the other, offering players plenty of time to work on both. The first of the two raids, Sparkwood Gardens, will open for 10 to 20 man parties on November 25 – a week after 1.1 goes live. This raid is located in the titular Floral Palace and features four bosses ranging from an upgraded praying mantis to a magistrate.

The first boss, Jade Blade Mantis, was once actually just an ordinary praying mantis – until Jiang Kanhua and Tao Pianxian transformed her. Now, she’s – literally – a hard enemy to beat, armored in a carapace with steel-like density. She’s also armed with giant pincers, taking that buggy creepiness up a notch.

The next boss is a Shirenchang who became trapped in the Floral Palace when she entered it looking for something to eat and had a plant sprite planted in her. On the upside – for her – she can easily withstand pain now. That’s probably not a bonus for those trying to take her down, however.

Then we have the Four-Armed Ghoul. It’s visually just what it sounds like and is a spectral monster created from the anger of thousands of the dead. The anger effectively stews for centuries until you have a dumb but vicious creature ready to kill anything.

Finally, there’s Ismael. This boss is the only one that isn’t just some creation. He’s the Awakener’s magistrate, the leader of Yin beasts, and a student of the leader Cang Gu. He’s also a member of the Bone People and has the ability to see emotions and change his form based on them. Gotta love those shifting bosses.

As noted, this will only be the first raid of the update. It will be available on normal difficulty once a week, with a new, more difficult raid arriving some time in December.

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