Game Update 5.8 for Star Wars: The Old Republic will be arriving this month, and it brings with it not only some juicy storyline bits but also a major reworking of the Conquest system. The dev team’s work started with a desire to rework the Conquest’s systems rewards delivery system, and, as Community Manager Eric Musco put it, from there, “they decided to give the system a touch up.”

For starters, the entire UI will be reworked to separate Solo and Guild Conquests. Completing objectives will award credits, XP, and Command Experience, in addition to their normal benefits. Daily objectives will be added, while Invasion bonuses will be removed, and Conquest point values have been rebalanced across the board.

For Guild Conquests, changes have been made to “encourage more leaderboard competition among similarly sized Guilds.” These include untying Guild rewards from the Conquest leaderboards and separating each planet into one of three categories, defined by the Conquest Points needed to capture them. You can read about all the upcoming changes on the SWTOR forums.


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