Despite the popular rumor, Star Wars: The Old Republic still doesn’t appear to be shutting down this year. In fact, the devs seem to be doing more to inform players about what’s coming up in 2018 — which is just what a game that’s shutting down would want you to believe, right?

Game Producer Keith Kanneg posted on the SWTOR forums yesterday to give more details on the roadmap for 2018, with copious details regarding what’s on tap for March and April and less-specific details on what’s planned for beyond that. March will give us Game Update 5.8 – Command Authority, which includes the final boss from the Gods from the Machine operation and a revamp of the Conquest System and changes to the Cartel Market. Oh, and now you can romance former evil emperor Arcann. April brings Game Update 5.9 – The Nathema Conspiracy, with a new flashpoint and more returning companions.

As for the rest of the year, Kanneg admits to being “reticent about communicating details beyond 90 days” and generically states that “we are planning to continue delivering content in the same manner throughout 2018.” That said, he acknowledges that some players like the idea of a “traditional” expansion, rather than the smaller, more frequent, updates SWTOR has been handing out as of late. He doesn’t say if that will change but does mention that plans are underway for the 6.0 update. If anything “big” is planned, that might be the time.


  1. Lotro and this crapy swtor has such great ips…. and they made these mmo out of them?….. they had the golden fish… killed it and eat it

  2. Game is dead many years, no one like scammers its fake free to play game, with locked content, locked characters… good you going down and not fool people anymore.


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