BioWare is preparing Star Wars: The Old Republic for its upcoming endgame changes. These changes, coming in the Knights of the Eternal Throne update, will remove the option for free-to-play players to be able to participate in endgame content.

The most recent change, revealed to players in a forum post by Eric Musco, is the removal of Warzone Commendations preventing F2P players from gearing up in endgame. This change will follow tomorrow’s update (4.7.3) on the 29th. As a result of the change, any new Warzone Commendation Grants earned after tomorrow will become character bound. Those players that wish to move Grants around will have to do so before the change. When the Eternal Throne launches the Commendations will be removed altogether (likely being converted into credits).

The above changes aside, free-to-play players may still have some chances to check out the endgame content from time to time. BioWare has noted that they are considering options and may do something similar to weekly passes offering access to Galactic command. Nothing is set in stone yet, but they will let everyone know when they’ve got it all worked out.

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