It’s been a long journey for the Outlander and his allies in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and it all comes to a head today in Chapter 16: The Battle of Odessen. In this climactic final confrontation, you’ll confront the Eternal Emperor and determine the fate of the entire galaxy.

As with previous chapters, all you need to play is an active subscription to Star Wars: The Old Republic. And now, with all 16 chapters live, you can subscribe to play through all 16 with one month’s subscription time, if you’re the frugal sort. Chapter 1 is still available for free, if you’d rather see what you’re in for before you buy.

The story of the Outlander continues later this fall in the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion, and the Dark vs. Light promotion is still ongoing.

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  1. This game is p2w and never will go fully f2p because of all we know – EA.

    Is it dead? KOTFE bringed back some ppl yea but comparing to old days it lacks numbers in population

    Also, depends on what serers u play, EU servers are pretty much dead (best by counting population is The Red Eclipse) and USA are more populated

  2. FAKE FREE TO PLAY GAME with locked content and characters, gameplay looks like turn based, its a single player game with chat but even in global chat u hardly see any alive person, game is dead long time, no clue why they waste resources on this shit!

    • TRE, Empire Side player here.
      The game is not dead, not at all.
      Free2play is too much said, better go with Free2try,
      I like this game and I still play it with my guild.

    • Don’t pay attention to this Trionishsit guy. This guy is probably either a troll or a bitter scrub who wants to play SWTOR but can’t afford it.

      • yea, that’s what I thought. this trioninshit guy has been posting in all swtor related threads, what a loser hahahahahaha


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