OGPlanet announced it will be publishing the new tactical, team-based, first-person shooter, Tactical Intervention, developed by FIX Korea, in spring 2012. Tactical Intervention marks the return of one of gaming’s most legendary creators, Minh “Gooseman” Le. Le co-created the iconic and legendary first-person shooter (FPS), Counter-Strike, which is arguably the origin of the modern, military, tactical, team-based FPS genre.

Packed with new environments, game modes, weapons, equipment customization options, and more, Tactical Intervention promises a new benchmark in the evolution of the tactical team-based FPS genre with more focus placed on team-based tactics and fast-paced gameplay. Players will get behind the driver’s seat, shoot hanging out of vehicle passenger windows, call in attack dogs, and even make use of tactical rappel ropes to gain the upper hand on the opposing force. They will also have to be conscious of civilians who can be taken as hostages and used as human shields. It is up to you and your team to strategize, execute, and eliminate your target!

Players can apply to join Tactical Intervention’s Closed-Beta Test, which will be held in early March at www.tactical-intervention.com.


  1. Wait, so a game that you aim and shoot and arm a bomb is dumb while thousands of people still faithfully play THAT very game (with shitty graphics of course) created back in 2000?

    I don’t think you guys are being fair.. No matter how many people still swear by that garbage ass 12 year old game, there are better FPS games.. Yes, even if you have to aim, shoot and arm a bomb..

  2. The closed beta was a fun experience and to those of you that feel this game will suck, no it won’t. Even with the glitches in closed beta it was a fun time.

    Cs go will never compare to this game.

  3. Looks lame, and the thing is CS2 is supposed to be coming out soon, they are going through alpha and beta testing already, its kinda hush hush but its all over the CS community!!!

    BTW everything in this video looks like it would be crappy to play, like driving…i am sorry but driving games on PC are a pain in the ass…so I think I will pass on this

  4. I played in the closed beta, loads of fun, high learning curve…the guns have alot of recoil but I assume that it will be adjusted in the final. Cant wait for Tactical Intervention (aka CounterStrike 2)!

  5. Epic Fail, FPS is copying even more than MMORPGS today…Another Good Guys vs Bad Guys going to defuse a bomb with some AK’s and Desert Eagle in a place that looks very familiar in another game…


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