Upon release Counter Strike, the Half Life mode turned franchise, set a new standard for competitive high skill-ceiling FPS. The original mod was created by just two individuals including Minh Le, who after leaving Valve went to South Korea to develop a new FPS called Tactical Intervention. The new FPS marks a transition away from the single spawn last man standing style of play Le developed for Counter Strike.

Instead, Tactical Intervention focuses on offering a variety of alternatives including modes more focused around hostage situations which admittedly felt like low priority side objectives in Counter Strike maps like cs_office. There is even a VIP escort mode which has players escorting a VIP in a vehicle to a designated drop point while terrorist attempt to catch up to the VIP, eliminate him and secure the briefcase he is carrying.

Overall, the FPS focuses on giving players options and opportunities to take advantage of in order to complete objectives. Players can call in attack dogs to aid them, and even make use of tactical rappel ropes to gain the upper hand on the opposing force. Terrorists can even use cowering civilians scattered around the map as human shields, making team-play and coordination a key component of Tactical Intervention.

A small closed beta will kick off on March 4th through the 8th with the official open beta beginning on March 14th and the full North American launch scheduled for March 28th.

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  1. People think that Counter-Strike was supposed to be an arcade shooter, which is false.. I think this is closer to what he originally wanted to achieve in Counter-Strike, which is authentic Swat vs Terrorist combat..The engine, modding experience and players turned it into the “I run with knife to snipe joo” arcade game we got now. And although people cherish tradition, I think the game looks more it’s part now..

    Looks like real Swat operations and look at bullet hit animations! These guys are really being shot, not so much tickled as in previous CS games..

    I’ll try it because of how much I enjoy a more tactical shooter though I will probably be the only one, judging by the CS, CSS, and CS:GO pop counts on Steam..

    • That’s the impression they want to give you with this video but once you’ve seen how players hop around on one foot after getting shot in the leg you’ll realize this game is much more silly and over the top than CS ever was.

  2. Played this game a long time ago. hardly anyone was on it. i began talking shit. a few devs were in the room asking me what i didnt like. i talked shit to them too then uninstalled the game. was really dated and shitty and although they tried to add a lot of cool things it didnt do a damn thing to up the overall quality of this sack of shit

  3. Trust me guys this game sucks, I have played this when it was in closed beta and this game for me was really bad, for me it was like a Tom Clancy Online clone also that everything was just very choppy (especially when driving) dont let the trailer fool this game is crap, I recommend just playing Tome Clancy Online or Arctic Combat

  4. This game is more like the SWAT series rather than counter-strike. I loved how you can command attack dogs, rappel down buildings, and use hostages as shield. Your character even limps if he gets shot in the legs.

    The only thing i didn’t really like in the cbt was the lobby system. It took forever to start a match and it was way easier to join a match that was in progress. Also the game didn’t have a tutorial in the cbt, so i had to look up the controls.

    Also driving cars in that game was a lot harder compared to other games. I didn’t play the game type with cars because everybody kept crashing into the walls. Most of the people had no idea what to do. They assume the game is like a death match so they ignore objectives and even shoot hostages for no reason =/

  5. Counter Strike on crystal meth. Hard to believe this game has anything to do with the guy that started CS.

    I played in the closed beta. Weapons were unbalanced, earning the upkeep for your equipment took a huge amount of time, and stuff like the riot shield was cash shop exclusive. If none of that has changed, this game won’t be worth anyone’s time.

  6. I have some small hopes for this game small beta with super fast obt means the game is pretty much past cbt but could fail hard, Im interested in seeing how this one unfolds

  7. Using civilians as shields shooting people while someones driving and being a “couter-strike copy” at least weapon wise(as far as the weapons shown in the trailer)

    Yep i’ll try this hopefully it wont have ip blocks since i am from europe.Kinda sucks that the cb is only 4 days but meh who cares at least we know when ob is and when its going live on US so its good i just hope they dont make it p2w

    I’ll be waiting for this


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