TERA might soon be lacking a publisher, but it’s adding a new mode soon. That’s the Battle Arena, which we’ve talked about previously, and today Krafton Bluehole profiled several of the champions you’ll be able to take into battle.

The fearsome sixsome are twin-sword-wielding Ellion, high elf berserker Fraya, priestess of Velik Ciebel, mercenary captain Zolyn, wrench-wielding support character Pasesyn, and sea captain Dixie Pincher. Don’t let the last one’s name fool you; according to his bio, he’s “A true berserker focused on attacking, attacking, and attacking some more.” He’s a simple man, with simple tastes.

Bluehole also detailed one of the foes you’ll be facing in the Battle Arena: Avion, the Azart Tank. It came about by some mad scientist “integrating machine technology into a monstrous creature,” though it requires “someone with the immense energy received from Core power” to control it. I don’t think they offer tests for that at the DMV.


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