Take Part In Asymmetric Survivor Game Dragon Ball: The Breakers' First Open Beta Test

The beta test will end on September 25 at 1:00 AM PDT.

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DB The Breakers

Dragon Ball: The Breakers takes place in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse universe and is an 8-player multiplayer game that pits seven Survivors against a powerful Raider–one of the major antagonists from the franchise. These Raiders will use their overwhelming strength and increasingly powerful evolutions to hunt and defeat the Survivors. Survivors on the other hand are regular civilians caught in a “Temporal Seam,” trapping them in a place where space and time are in disarray.

The main objective of the Survivors is to escape using various gadgets, the most valuable of which are Transpheres that contain the souls of Super warriors that grant special abilities and powers. In this dangerous environment, the hope is to use the Super Time Machine to escape before their enemy becomes unstoppable.

During the beta, players can experience playing as the two Frieza and Cell Raiders or try their hand as a Survivor with the option to wear the Oolong and Bulma Survivor Skins. Those that participate in the open beta will receive an in-game Oolong keychain accessory after the full game is purchased on the same platform and on the account they used for the beta. Please note, the beta will end on September 25 at 1:00 AM PDT, so don’t miss this small window of opportunity.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers will release on PC via STEAM, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 (compatible), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S (Compatible) and Nintendo Switch on October 14, 2022.

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