Crossout‘s “Dude, Where’d You Get The Car?” April Fool’s Day event puts players behind the wheel of their very own mystery machine. No, not the Scooby-Doo van — although that would be cool to have in the game — but one of 59 random vehicles created by players and selected by the developers. According to the press release, these range from “giant, rocket-armed crabs and crazily oversized lawn mowers to fire-breathing ducks, jet-powered, pink elephants and even more extraordinary creations.” Fire-breathing ducks? Zoinks!

The event runs until April 3 and will be followed up the next day by the return of the “Knights of the Wasteland” event that runs from April 4 to April 17. During this event, players can earn Thalers, a special coin that drops from certain PvP missions and can be redeemed for “Knights” vehicle cabins and weapons that are exclusive to the event.

Also included in the current update is a new audio option, Dynamic Range, which lets players tweak their sound settings to the max, as well as several changes to raids and storyline adventures. Check out everything this update has and more on the Crossout site.


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