Destiny 2 players can finally determine their worthiness as Season 10: Season of the Worthy goes live today on PC and consoles. It brings the usual new slew of story-based activities, as Guardians are urged to save the Last City from destruction by a Red Legion renegade by forging an alliance with — and putting their trust in — Rasputin, the Golden Age warmind.

The seasonal activity revolves around “powering up” Rasputin, who sends you to various lost sectors, including previously unknown areas in the EDZ. The challenging Trials of Osiris also return in this season, and there’s an overall shift toward more permanent content — as well as a few other high-level changes — as detailed in a recent developer blog.

There’s a lot more being offered in the season, including UI and quality-of-life improvements and a unique SMG styled after a gangster’s Tommy gun. Check out the videos below or learn more on the Destiny 2 site.

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