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In the latest DCUO episode, the Teen Titans are recruiting. Why? It seems Cyborg got another gig... with the Justice League. So now he's breaking up the band and the Titans need to find a replacement. (I know, it's sad.)

Titled The Judas Contract, this new episode is based on what the devs deem the "definitive Teen Titans storyline". In it, Deathstroke hires someone to infiltrate the Titans, using the need to replace Cyborg after he transfers to the Justice League as a way in. Both hero and villain players will be able to work their way into the Titans -- either as legitimate applicants or spies working for the Fearsome Five and Calculator.

The Judas Contract adds new characters and places to visit, as well as giving Starfire and Cyborg new looks. Oh yeah, and Robin is now Red Robin. If you'd like a look at some of the new content before hopping in, you can check out the video below -- otherwise, the new episode is available today, so just hop in and get going.

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