Teamfight Tactics Gets A Bit Musical While Your Strategy Builds The Soundtrack...And Pengu Rocks

The blending of genres works better than you probably think.

Michael Byrne
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Riot Games is mixing a bit of music into their auto-battler game Teamfight Tactics. Sure, you normally play to win, but thanks to the release of "Remix Rumble", you can mix your own tunes DJ-style and net some benefits for your chosen squad.

Don't mistake this for the game becoming a rhythm game, though. You'll still need to stick to your favorite strategy to win matches, but the tunes along the way aren't just a changes in the sound.

Here's how it works: Each Champion's Origin has been assigned a music genre. Chiptunes, pop, country, they're all there. Even some specific bands have jumped into the action including Riot Games' own K/DA.

Using Champions from each genre causes their music to activate creating some unique mixes. However, should you decide to combine Champions from one genre, you may find yourself on the receiving end of some serious buffs, as each genre has its own buff. Pick and mix the buffs, or stack a single buff, it's up to you.

Remix Rumble is adding a slew of new maps, too, including one based on K/DA themselves. The maps are complete with light shows and multiple visual phases.

Check out the full event details on the Teamfight Tactics site. There's also a Remix Rumble music video below that shows off exactly how all these genres can be blended together and still sound pretty badass.

All hail DJ Pengu.

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