Tencent Games Announces Several New Games At SPARK 2022 Conference

The company has a lot in the works.

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Tencent Game Reveals

Today, Tencent Games hosted its annual SPARK conference, showing off several new items directed mostly at the Chinese audience. Not everything was specifically games. They also highlighted projects that revolved around cultural heritage and industry. One such project involved building a digital Great Wall of China.

Of course, the parts we care about are the games and there were several. Most of them are likely not free-to-play, although one titled Code: To Jin Yong may be multiplayer – according to rumors. What we do know is that it’s a UE5-based open-world game based on a series of martial art novels by Jin Yong. The game features classic characters from the novel while recreating the martial arts technique “wuxia”. It also uses photogrammetry technology to create a more immersive experience.

Among the other games announced during the event is a new League of Legends title designed for those who love esports. Okay, that’s probably not descriptive enough because League of Legends is an esports game. This one is something different. It’s the League of Legends Esports Manager, which is billed as the “official mobile game of the League of Legends tournament." An open beta test will take place in the Chinese Mainland market in July.

Speaking of mobile games, they also announced a strategy-based mobile game, Return to Empire. The game is being developed for the Chinese market in partnership with Xbox Game Studios.

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