If you REALLY love Warframe you may have worked your way to TennoCon in London, Ontario Canada this past weekend. If you aren’t the travelling type but you still want all the news that Digital Extremes has to offer on Warframe’s future, I’ve placed the entire livestream up above for you. Grab the popcorn, relax for an hour, and enjoy the festivities.

Looking for a bit more of a bite sized piece of information? Ok, check out “The War Within” trailer below. This update, scheduled for later this month, caps off the latest trilogy of updates, including the recently not so well received “Specters of the Rail” update. However, this trailer did have a bit of a cool ending for those that have kept up to date on the story so far, so watch closely.

Fans of the previously teased Titania warframe got some more info to watch and digest, including some of the warframe’s abilities.

Digital Extremes even revealed a teaser for the upcoming “100 Days of Warframe” cartoon by Mashed.

Honestly, there was so much information dropped at the con that I would highly recommend fans check out the full live broadcast posted above or check out the game’s site for more information.

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