While we haven’t heard from most game developers on their plans to better inform players about their loot box odds — something that’s supposed to be implemented by the end of the year — at least one game is getting ahead of the curve.

With tomorrow’s update, TERA will display the odds for the Dyable Memorial Dress Loot Box and its various sub-boxes. The odds will be displayed in-game, and you can also view them in a post on the TERA site.

Krafton intends to implement these changes across all loot boxes in the game with the next release after tomorrow’s. That’s apparently no small task, as “tooltip changes may lag behind the content shift” due to there being a “large number of legacy boxes released over the last nine years.” I’ll hold back on offering my sympathy but will at least congratulate Krafton and En Masse Entertainment on taking positive action in this regard.


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