The year is nearly half over, which apparently means it’s time for game companies to tell us what they have planned for 2016 — or at least what’s left of it. In that spirit, En Masse, publisher of the free-to-play MMO TERA, has revealed what players can expect from the game in the future.

En Masse laid as much out as possible in a post on the TERA blog, however they do note that as with a lot of things, some details may change before some of this stuff arrives in game. That said, players can apparently look forward to new large scale guild vs guild battles and new guild content in general. This competitive content will depend on how well guilds cooperate and will enhance benefits and provide even more for players to do.

There will also be the addition of “Super BAM Raids” — when a BAM just isn’t enough. These will be high difficulty raids that require 30 people and feature a BAM 10 times bigger than those seen before. Two new dungeons will also be added — Castle of Lilith and Ruin of Rakelith.

In additional — and decidedly less fun — news, it has also been revealed that Bluehole Studio and publisher Kunlun Games have announced the upcoming closure of TERA’s Chinese server. According to MMOCulture, no reason has been given for this closing.

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  1. boring endgame
    recycle content
    female locked class
    elin elin elin elin elin elin elin elin elin elin elin elin elin elin everywhere

    • Endgame same as every mmorpg: build up guild, do end game raids and pvp. Focus on enhancements.

      Content diverse and maps rich. Same as all other mmorpgs.

      Male classes that act similar to female, but yes. They only do this because 90% mmorpgs, if given the choice, usually play female. 10% can go cry more. I play popori so no cry.

      Elin everywhere is a worn out cry baby excuse to cry. I actively play and around every village you have a good mix of just about all races. The game has surges too. Some months go by and lots of popori, others elin, in the end it is balanced out now. New race locked classes = a time people trying it out, hence that spike in a certain race. But I prefer it than stale human models.

    • Challange is there and you will die if you do not know how to play. But yes, they did give level up rewards railed on special quests to get things done in a less quest grind way. So it is the same as leveling up in any modern mmorpg now. Which is to blame the entire genre, not one game

  2. Three Option
    1.Game Developer has no idea for Tera
    2.Maybe Cash shop price was to high?
    3.The player was turn by the update on tera.


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