TERA launched on consoles a month and a half ago. Since that time, the game has attracted 2 million players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

How much time those players have spent in game is unknown as En Masse Entertainment hasn’t bothered to offer up that info. So, it could be that the game has attracted a large number of permanent players… or, it could have just had a lot of people think it looked neat who gave it a short try. Either way, that’s still a decent number for such a short amount of time.

EME definitely plans to keep those numbers up, too. The game has already had two major updates on consoles and more are planned for later this summer. In addition, the company announced a PS Plus Pack featuring mounts, a head accessory, and 15 days of Elite Status. Info on the pack can be found on the TERA site.

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  1. Not really good news. It would be good news if Tera Online brought Player Housing to their game. Most MMO’s I’ve Played don’t have Player Housing which is sad since I’d like a Place to go chill out at when I’m not fighting monsters. And I’ve been told to go chill out at the Town or the Tavern but I want to chill out at a place where people aren’t around which would be an Ingame House. I guess I’ll keep looking for that one MMO that has the special thing I’m looking for since Tera Online doesn’t have it. 🙁

  2. Two million users and it still runs like hot dog feces, dropping more frames than Kanye drops rhymes. Christ, they can’t even bother to fix their game before they port it to consoles and then you wonder why the Xbox One X is dropping frames on a 7 year old MMO.

  3. Lol I checked it out, but that was all. I have over 100 friends on psn and it showed all of them have played it at some point, nowdays, not even one.

  4. Well thats good to hear for noobies that is but for the old PC players this doesnt bring anything new to the table other than being on a console and replaying the old PC version of the game the question is how many are actually active

  5. Tbh, it wasnt all that exciting to me. Questing and doing any of the Zones was pretty much pointless when you could just do things like Kuma Royale to gain absurd amounts of exp and hit the level cap in just a few days. Now before you go raising your pitchforks at me, yes I tried the game, yes I did what things the game had to offer and no, the game really didnt hold my interests.


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