TERA Celebrates The Release Of The Ninja on Consoles With Outfits And Weapon Skins

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

TERA's latest class -- the Ninja -- has arrived, and we're sure a lot of you are already trying it out. That also means that a lot of you are running around in the same outfit right now, and as old-school party etiquette teaches us, that's a recipe for embarrassment.

With that in mind -- and more likely because they'd like you to spend a few bucks -- En Masse has decided to add some new items to the Xbox One and NA PlayStation Stores. (Don't worry, the boxes will arrive in the EU PS Store tomorrow.) They've updated the Bloodshadow Weapon Skin box and the True Ultimate Elin Elite Box to include ninja weapons and outfits. The weapon skin box also offers new weapons for the brawler and gunner.

In addition, players can now find swimsuits and school uniforms in the Elin Garment Bag and several boxes available in the TERA store contain shuriken skins. Oh, and for those of you not playing the Ninja, but maybe wanting to look like one all the same, En Masse is offering a new Dojo Fighter Pack and the Bloodshaw Ninja DLC pack.

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Lee 5 years ago
So no fashion coupon outfit weapons so you buy the boxes a bit naughty tactics

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