Another one bites the dust! Another one bites the dust! And another one gone, and another one gone! Another one bites the dust!

Every time a free-to-play MMORPG transitions to a F2P model I can’t help but picture Freddie Mercury singing that song. Sure it may be a bit cynical but it’s also an exciting time as we see more and more high quality AAA MMOs using the F2P model, and luckily it looks like the model TERA will be using for it’s F2P transition doesn’t suck, unlike another recent MMORPG cough SWTOR cough.

The MMORPG will be available for free starting in February. Those that had previously purchased the game will be upgraded to a “Veteran” account; which grants additional character slots, more bank tabs and additional broker transactions. There currently isn’t an option for players to stay subscribed. Those that are will utilize the “TERA Club” membership, which grants them special daily items (boosts and teleports) as well as special consumables and a unique mount. After their subscriptions run out they will be bumped down to Veteran status.

At a glance F2P users seem to be getting quite the deal, with no real meaningful restrictions imposed. One can assume a cash shop is in order, but in terms of actual gameplay F2P users are not getting the short end of the stick so to speak. You can check out the full F2P breakdown chart here and here.

At launch TERA was applauded for its action based combat but criticized for its incessant use of generic kill quests. One could see this transition to free-to-play as TERA’s attempt at competing more directly against RaiderZ. Are you excited for TERA F2P? Let us know.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Another freemium model for a failed mmo… Hooray… Well at least it doesn’t look as bad as swtor’s. I find it funny that an incentive to become a member is the ability to do MORE daily quests lmfao. Also, from my own experience and what i’ve heard lately, the TERA community is one of the worst you can find in an mmo right now. And an asian grindfest mmo + an awful community = nothing worth your time in most cases.

  2. not worth it. i am a vet tera player and our community is crumbling. because of the crybabies that are going to make it extremely hard for new players by the constant Harassing they are going to do. it is an embarrassment to us mature players that welcome the F2P idea. but be warned,it wont be easy new players. if you still want to play just be prepared to die. A LOT

  3. too bad I cant fken get passed the game launcher. So many problems with their game launcher like “unable to download metafile” ” unable to download manifest” and “unable to find reliable source”. I spend the whole day trying to figure out how to fix this problem through their website and google but still could not find a fix.

  4. its going free to play in feb. but if you dont wantto wait and play you can go make a discovery account which lets you play up to lvl 28 and by the time you are at that lvl it will be free to play or just about at that time so really you can start playing it for free now. all your char. info will be transfered over when they make the change.

  5. Lots of hate from a bunch of self-righteous deuches on their forums, against the soon to come F2p’ers (don’t worry, as usual, there are a few sounds of reason lost in between those roarings of rage).

    Anyone willing to join on the PVP server will need to thread very cautiously.

    • about the game itself, the combat system is really engaging.
      Graphics felt very similar to Aion but in my opinion, taking the upper side – better.

      But the character customization was a big let down, I really had a very different idea, but, still, they are quite polished even though they can’t be tweaked too afar from the templates

      • No bewbs or body sliders was a big surprize – for a game that was almost marketed for being exactly ultra-sexy/sexist and 17+ on the recommended age rating. I also recall it generated some buzz when it came out for too many sexual innuendos and stuff. So far, I couldn’t get what that was all about, at least in newbs’ island.

  6. hi
    i bought the mean i will get have more thing right ?
    is there a subscriptions ? or its gone !!!!
    -,- i hope you guys understand my english ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Tera would still be providing the option of subscription, but you’ll be a veteran which means you get more character slots, bank tabs, and “Trade Broker Transactions”. Yeah I have no idea what that means since I never played Tera before and I think this just might be my game. Unless of course, they f*ck up with the f2p model like SWTOR.

    But my concern lies in will there be any restrictions?
    I just hope its like aion’s free to play transition. If its like aion’s then screw all the other games i am playing. And Hello TERA.

  8. Interested in this, got bored in Guild Wars 2 after nearly 40 levels of the same crap, go to zone, do quests, do events, do story, rinse – repeat. It wasn’t made any better on Dragonbrand with entire guilds across multiple servers, most people weren’t helping, didn’t run into any RP-ers, it was just flat out boring. I do not play mmorpgs to solo, so why is it as of late (2010 and up) all I see in mmorpgs are these people who are anti-social and say they hate dealing with other people playing SOCIAL type games?

  9. meh, same thing as AION EU… VIP service, 2 character only.

    Not to mention:

    Available in 30-day increments for $14.99, elite status grants players extra dungeon rewards, 10 bonus quests per day, a daily delivery of items and boosts, an elite mount, in-game store discounts, waived brokerage registration taxes, and more. Elite players will find that their status pays for itself through free items and discounts, let alone in-game perks.

    ^ That just makes VIP players borderline overpower (Daily -rare- Items, and -stat- Boosts)

    • Do realise the stat boost in fact is a 10% more experience boost and a 10% more golddrop boost. Also the extra dungeon drop does not apply to loot, it only applies to one special item at the end of every dailly dungeon which is then used in crafting i believe.
      Nothing in that package gives you a strenght advantage over others.. It yust makes the road to the end slightly shorter.


  11. Too many awesome games this Jan-Feb to play! Warframe, DOTA2, Arcblade,Firefall, FFXIV Beta phase’s and now This? mustquitmyjobtoplayallthis.

  12. I’m in EU, and can somebody please tell me if there’s any way i can download the game now, and play in the moment it comes out as F2P, my internet’s not so fast and i wanna play it as soon as possible…

  13. Guys. Do research. They are hidding allot. The US version is super vague on its tiers right now, with possible errors, including Bank slots: 78 for subs and F2P, but 288 for Foundation level. That could be an error but I saw other strange inbalances that cut the subscriber out of good stuff LOL! EU on the other hand has its pay tier system a little hammered out better, BUT does not define what “consummable shop items” are. SO I went back to US, that spells it all out and found this :

    That is right. They are planning to put armor in lock boxes and you will need to SUB monthly in the “club” (Like AION EU) to get the keys for the lock boxes. So… also, The community… Go to forums the current subbers are making petitions and lots of people leaving already. They out right say “Fing F2P trash”. They are not wanting noob chat and BR”s all over the place, and they are fighting to not go F2P. Also, they are all gearing up +14 to gank you in important spots to prevent you from advancing. Apparently on a certain bridge in the noob area already used lightly to block noobs by ganking them in open pvp. There is a petition to camp it to prevent F2P to have a good time. This could be protected by the company by changing pvp rules, and we all know, like AION, the the original community usualy leaves for private servers or changes games after greedy F2P ruins the game. Except AION US, that did a good cash shop.
    So…I heard US publisher EME, might do better than Gameforge (EU, publisher of fail AION EU), however, as I said above, it is US that is toying already with lock boxes so… we will see in February. Id start sounding off now to try and persuade the developmen on how to manage its shop

  14. well…at least i will get more slots. and Vet status……….i knew it would come sooner or later. get ready for the Cash Bots..wooo…=.=

  15. i like gw2 a decent 35โ‚ฌ…and have no ather problem… ad a 1 caracter to lvl 20 for free and it is perfect… if you play more than lvl20 free you will invest money on an freegame… so if you want to play Tera for 20lvl-s it is k free but if you really want to play you will invest in Tera more than 35โ‚ฌ…ex I play cs go 5โ‚ฌ so how much do you have to pay a free Fps to be competitiv?… free games are like having a Hammer and be pore… no money for gas…I like Tera…but games need to be payed… don’t go to restaurant with no money…

    • What you say it’s true, however thats why they are implementing a cash shop with lots of kinds of items that will help company make money and always caring for not making it a pay to win game, plus if there are lots of people playing tera I can assure you that the cash shop won’t be even needed, the truth is that F2P and B2P are the best business models out there and for people with no money like me F2P its pretty convinient.

    • Magicman is going to kill you ๐Ÿ™‚
      TBH tho im not a big fan of point-and-click mmo but there are alot of players who like it and will not play anything but. As for SWTOR its already dead..thanks to EA

  16. i hope with this f2p launch so successfully will make EA/BW realise how much of an moronic idiot they have been on their ‘beloved’ space opera mmorpg. All hail 2013 the year of top notch AAA f2p mmorpg: neverwinter,wildstar, blade&soul…. now tera… next up rift….

  17. A solid game, i played it for a couple months at launch but having gw2 already and choosing between the two i am a bit biased toward gw2. If you don’t want to pay the box price of gw or want an entirely skill based game(tera does great at not letting armor and stuff make players have any distinct edge in pvp while giving full control with evasive maneuvers and blocking being done manually) and a completely unique environment tera should be worth the massive download.

  18. I like how all the players blame swtor and not Ea. The game is good its just Ea screwed over the F2P players. So remember its not the game its EA

  19. Any company silly enough to release a P2P MMO (yes even Blizzard) will end up swallowing the pill and having to make this statement. With all the happiness that I see here and over other forums it’s truth, even if people are interested in your game they only wish failure so that they can play it for free..

  20. It’s most likely part of their plan to go f2p. I bet they’ve planed this out when the game first launched. Most games these days are like that, subscription at first then f2p, they just try to milk the most out of it before doing so.

  21. well i cant say thats a surprise ๐Ÿ™‚ we all have seen it coming it was a matter of time. lets see how they do the model first then we can be all excited ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. For me TERA was the second best MMO, following WOW’s lead (cough…cough) on a more action oriented approach (but indeed the questing is too generic… great combat though).
    Great execution of combat mechanics, great visuals and cooperative gameplay on BAMs and dungeons. Can’t wait to return !!!

  23. Tera going f2p, does sound good, but for me, not so good because I’m not going to be able to play it on my Toshiba laptop. Hopefully there are going to be 2 f2p versions on the game, one for users that have a high end pc or laptop and one for users that don’t have high end pc or laptop. I know it’s likely that won’t happen but you’ll never know right. ๐Ÿ™‚ Magicman, what’s your opinion on his, do you think that game companies should try and make their game for both audiences (that goes for none f2p games also). Also I tired the free trial that Tera has to often so that’s how I know it won’t work on my laptop and it was laggy as hell and couldn’t do anything really. I know I’m a bit late but, Happy New Year MMOBOMB.

    • you works and buy a better pc … stop smoking, drink and save money … an audience with limited resources deserve no attention. Play mario bros ..

  24. They have some stupid restrictions like:

    Free Founders
    Character Slots: 2 per server 8 per server
    Bank Inventory slot: 72 slots 288 slots
    Send Gold via Parcel: 10 Gold cap per message Unlimited
    Brokerage Postings: 10 30

  25. Blade & Souls is gonna be B2P though ….. i’m playing this game already and at lvl 50 it’s fucking grinding , grinding , grinding , grinding , it take 70 hours to have one 12+ weapon or slower….

    It’s more a grindfest, but the gameplay is fun.

    I can’t wait for Blade & Soul i was in Korea and saw some footage , the game is gonna be very nice.

    it gonna be B2P, No subscribtion.

      • Actually they have not stated anything about it going free to play, nor buy to play or pay to play, it is the waiting game now… but let’s hope that it comes free to play and pray to whichever god korean people pray to.

  26. Finally! I’m so excited. This game is so fun PvP and combat wise, except the PvE is a complete bore. This is why I never really stuck to the game for every long. Now that it’s going F2P (not worth it’s P2P model), I’m definitely going to be playing the game, and take the chance to buy any exp potions they sell, because this is one of those games that exp potions would actually be of some help in the later levels.

  27. nice, remember seeing early development vids on the tube….also remember then stating it would be ftp on release……

    got bored of gw2 (too easy to level, many bugs with pretty hefty implications….whoo look at the flying ppl), so been mixing it up with warframe, war thunder and hawken

    can’t wait to give this a run (EU version (provided it’s not like an extended trial / silly restrictions)

    • lmao you cant say this was cuz there combat system because it wasnt and gw2s combat is just reverse engineered piont in click nothing to be so proud of fan boy and before you start calling me a fan boy neither of the games striked my fancy im just saying the truth gw2 has better points then tera but definitely not there combat system

      • I’m not saying the GW2 combat was better, I’m saying that tera always bragged about it’s combat, and I’ll admit, it was pretty fun, but gw2 did everything but combat better then tera. It takes more then just a good combat system to make a good rpg. tera was a grindefest, and was not at all worth the money.

  28. It’s a good game, I tried it back in Closed Beta and thought it was pretty good. My only beef was that it’s just very repetitive and that may have been the reason for this happening. The game felt dull after level 20 and I found it hard to continue playing.

    Is this a sign of impending doom? Possibly because a good number of games switch to this model because they’re not turning a profit from the subscription. If they don’t turn a profit from the new payment models, chances are this game won’t last long.

    I’d make remarks on EA’s models with Star Wars, but I’d sound like a parrot to everyone else.

  29. SWTOR CAN LEARN A THING OR TWO FROM THESE GUYS!! I CANT WAIT FOR F2P! <3 F U swtor. I love how they said no restricted content or NO HOT BARS. Like a MAJOR direct burrrrrn to swtor. lol

  30. @cloak

    Hey bud dont regret buying guild wars 2 it is most def. a great game. depends on what server your on really some of them are just full of trolls and unhelpful players, or the ones that do not like to chat in a mmo (go figure) right but if you want your more than welcome on devoinas rest server shoot me a friends request ign : S A R C A S M btw i have lots of capped toons and could give ya a little help if you needed it ๐Ÿ™‚ BUT back to this topic ^_^ I think this will be a great thing TERA is a great game, just hard to sub to somthing that is boring at later lvl anyway thanks for the news mmobomb would have never known till other players were talking about it

    • Dear Bro i hope you will see this, from i heard and read on forums…. they will add more channels so that the lag wont be THAT BIG. In Aion the most shocking fact was that ….. they actually made little changes on the flux of lag. They said they prepared this from alot of time, so i believe that they already kept in mind the Lag problem. Thx for reading :D.

  31. character slots limit is nothing, consumables /boosts/ special mount? u can perfectly live without it. gold limit,bank tabs, broker transactions may be a problem.

  32. in the text thy say if u stay subscriebd u wil get some stuff every day, how to stay subscribed and where? link please.

      • GW2 is definitely not as wonderful as you or anyone else hypes it to be. Only reason it’s great is that it’s buy to play. As for as animations, graphics, is concerned GW2 is pretty far behind on TERA. GW2 is a lot easier than TERA mind you but don’t tell anyone GW2 isn’t a grinding game either. Farming for dungeons badges for cosmetic gear, grinding hearts instead of quests, events, etc its the same thing. Even more so than standard questing in games in the fact that quests at least point to to the next area where as if you don’t do your story quest in GW2, which is lame as hell too, you don’t really know which zone to go too. Though zones are lev labeled.

        TERA itself has humongous amounts of flaws vs GW2 but it does out shine GW2 in some spots and less in others. I’m sad its going F2P, means it failed, but it’ll surely keep the game profitable and afloat and maybe…it’ll allow them to get the changes needed to make the game better than what it is currently.

        • Animations and graphics better in Tera? This must be a joke for sure. Farming dungeons for skins is a grind but its not mandatory for leveling or anything.I agree hearts are like quests and dragon bosses aren’t necessarily fun, but the gameplay is more diverse and more fun then in Tera. Do you think you will be able to buy cash shop items with in-game money as in GW2? I doubt that.

          Its nice its going F2P so more people can enjoy it, but still, its is not very different than most of other asian MMOs.

          • Honestly, I don’t think GW2 is a lot better than Tera after playing for quite a while. It’s pretty fun for a few weeks but after that it gets boring. GW2 is not very different than most of other western MMOs anyway. And graphics is better in Tera than GW2.

          • Tbh your overrating gw2… Ive been there since the beta and played about 500 hours since release. Tbh the beta was the best part of the game. The storyline is great but the endgame pve is seriously lacking and aside from no pvp variation also the fact that noone is in it either.
            Not saying Tera is better then gw2, they both have their strenghts, but concerning keeping people busy with the game longer, much much better pvp and after playing both games for quite a while i have to say even Tera’s graphics are beautifull.
            All this ofcourse is only my experience of ingame time and objective facts, but tbh i expected ALOT more from gw2, even in beta stage it was better. Atm Planetside 2 and Tera will be great replacements since i kinda abandonned gw2 after pvp died out, 90% of my guild left and i had no clue wtf to do for fun.

  33. Whats difference between f2p launching in February and currently available unlimited free trial? Trial doesn’t seem to have more restrictions from what I read on their website.

    • Hi!
      I think you’re referring to their free trial “Discovery Edition” which actually has quite a few restrictions. The main one being that you cannot go past level 28.

        • AH, yeah, EU. I am unsure what restrictions they have since it seems all the FAQs for the Unlimited Trail fail to list anything or you can’t even click them ๐Ÿ˜›

          Thanks for the heads up!

          • I love that its going to be F2P, but with all the restrictions the EU servers have
            makes me a little mad ๐Ÿ™ I cant play a game with so many restrictions.


          • Pretty sure that it wasn’t there before the F2P announcement so they probably just did it to make more people test the game and maybe purchase the game so they get Veteran before feb.

          • The unlimited trial is not the free to play model from what they have posted on their website. It shows the same restrictions as in NA when it will go free to play, until then there is the trial version which is available now

      • If I download Tera and play with a “Discovery” account, will I be able to continue that account once it goes free to play in February? If anyone know, please let me know, thanks!

    • i cant agree more lol =) and one day i was playing raiderz and saying “cant wait to see tera fall” the sub bc it will rise again in f2p for sure!

    • okay seriously this is great a game 2 replace stupid raiderz. This is if they do the f2p thing right and by right i mean anyhting other then the SWTOR convert ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Idk if you payed attention to the vid(not trying to be rude) but they kinda said they wouldnt(while making fun of swtor for the crap f2p setup).

      • Did you just insult Raiderz?!?!?! I love that game. I’m not even planning on switching. While Tera is an amazing game, I saw gameplay videos, I still think Raiderz is really awesome as well. Just cause Raiderz is a small game doesn’t make it stupid

        • well mate, RaiderZ is an EPIC game, true, but Tera is 1000 TIMES better, I played RaiderZ in Open Beta and Closed Beta, it has A LOT of stupid and meaningless things.Such as the stupid dance on the mount. -.- RaiderZ is for 6+ TERA 12+!I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but TERA has much better graphics, everything is much better than RaiderZ… ๐Ÿ™‚

        • no it isn’t, it’s regional and you have to buy the corresponding box and have a corresponding account to play in na an enmasse account and game copy are required. for eu its frogster there is no ip block.


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