It’s time for some server mergers in TERA. In order to make things nicer for players — basically, give them a way to find friends — En Masse has decided to merge several servers into seven new servers.

Currently, EME is concentrating on consoles, dropping the total amount of servers on each platform in both NA and EU regions to one or two. PC mergers will happen later this year. So, for those of you playing on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, here’s the breakdown:

  • PlayStation
    • North America
      • New Server One (PvE) will be made up of Dracoloth, Thulsa, Ovolith, Felbane, and Hydrath
      • New Server Two (PvP) will be made up of Nyxarras and Huzrat
    • Europe
      • New Server Three (PvE) will be made up of Maligos, Skulregnath, Molach, and
      • SaravashNew Server Four (PvP) will be made up of Zyrnaaxis and Arakaar
  • Xbox One
    • North America
      • New Server Five (PvE) will be made up of Smulch, Basilisk, Orisk, and Melkatran
      • New Server Six (PvP) will be made up of Vesporax and Suryati
    • Europe
      • New Server Seven (PvE) will be made up of Karascha, Abraxis, and Fimbrilisk

Don’t worry, you’ll have some time to prepare for the mergers, they’re not set to be instated until August 21 — although the devs are planning to start the process on the 20th to make sure it’s done in time.

If you have any questions about the process, hit up the official post on the TERA site, there’s a handy FAQ there.

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