A new update, titled “Aces Wild” is coming to TERA in July and En Masse has decided to slowly roll out information on the content. Beginning today and continuing every Tuesday, En Masse will introduce new features players can expect in the update.

Today, the revealed content is a new Dungeon titled “Manglemire,” which is apparently where this guy — known as “Manglemore” hangs out. He’s a bit of a trickster and will try to goad players into making mistakes when fighting them.


Manglemire is a 4 star difficulty level dungeon for a group of 5 level 65+ players. Accessed via a secret portal near the Eldritch Academy, the dungeon drops Imperator materials, and Vainshadow and Vainblood accessories.

Sadly, there’s not much more on this dungeon or the boss, but I’m sure we’ll find out more in the weeks to come.

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  1. The reality is this game is dead and now they’re just milking it on costumes for elins. PvP was dead for a quite some time and devs publicly admit they don’t even care about it. PvE is destroyed with new classes that are designed to be op so everybody spends more money on them. Dungeons are regularly removed and new ones are just rehashes of old ones. People who defend it will say “you can’t into endgame” but then they will go back to forums and cry how endgame is easy and boring. Most of the old staff has either quit seeing company practices or was “laid off” and then replaced with new, more obedient ones. The performance is terrible and hardware quality (SLI Titan, whatever) doesn’t help because it’s just poorly optimised and nobody at that point cares to do anything with it. Even Tera T2 for android looks better and works smoother than this. It was good while it lasted but it now almost completely turned to gameforge quality and became yet another dead beaten cash milking cow from which BHS takes money to fund all their new mobile games.

    • (Whole World Community)
      People Calm down go do something else and stop playing MMO when there nothing you can do about the problem..
      it just really sad that this whole World of people become so negative all day long that they Complain so much that your head is going to explode from the madness from all the Community gamer. (Quit Playing online Never Come back)

      • comments pertaining to the game are required out of this comment section. your own personal stance dictates whether or not what you read is negative. what you might think or see as negative another might find helpful. it all just depends, are they saying it sucks without providing information as to why they think it sucks or are they just being vague and saying it sucks? thats where you should draw the line between someone being negative or just informative in their own way.

    • Weeaboos is not a word. it just a make up trash stuff by people on the Computer.
      (Learn real words that have meaning to it.)

      • You sir, are an idiot. A lot of the words/slang currently used are made up, but actually found their way into real dictionaries or are even considered the proper way to address certain objects, communities or even normal daily occurrences.

        The fact that you so strongly object the word Weeabo, makes me thing that YOU are a Weeabo. Am I correct? Yes I am. Go act like you know it all on some kid’s board.

  2. Negative, Negative, Negative Comment nowadays. I See why people no longer go on Review site because they all have the same Bad Comment from each News source for new games or updated games on MMO games website.
    (it a shame that the Community has fallen down heavily in the Grave.)

    • Why do you post under “MMO Community” and under “Rumbee”? Do you lack something to do? I understand that you don’t like these negative comments, but seriously. Go “make” yourself some friends, find a board, and talk to yourself with all these Aliases.

    • Sad fact is its not negative comments but truthful ones. Theres nothing good these days at all everything feels empty and played out theres no new ideas no different opinions just copy paste copy paste with 1 new feature. Why i love secret world new lore, full story, unique quests(there are generic ones but the unique ones are fun), challenging progression A.K.A (Guardian), crafting is unique as well, combat “was” unique. Its a game that was released as a some dare devil stunt and in my opinion one of the best games ever. Reason its no popular theres very little pvp content.

      • What exactly is an end game. For mmo there should never be an end game idea itself is ridiculous to begin with. We are the heroes not avatar that we make but us the ones that controls them want end game make it yourself start your own pvp event do a race from one side of the map too another find your own activities tera has a lot of potential but every one keeps asking for end game and there should be none of it. In my opinion just make every one red from the moment you reach max level, make people look for parties too stay alive close those stupid coliseums and just open the Pandora box of winers and noobs


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