Speaking exclusively to PC Gamer, En Masse Entertainment has finally delivered a few details about the long awaited expansion to TERA. It’s been a long time coming for players, some of whom were probably wondering if it would actually ever happen! While no release date is set yet, here’s what we know so far.

The expansion’s name is “Fate of Arun” and in addition to the inclusion of a new northern continent, the expansion will also raise TERA’s level cap to 65. Players will also get to adventure in the Barakan home city of Highwatch.

Noticibly absent was any mention of new classes or races so we’ll have to stay tuned on that front. Fate of Arun is also slated to add new dungeons, skills, zones, and a new PvP battleground.

With more information promised over the next few weeks, we’ll keep you posted on any new details.


  1. NR1 MMO my ass!!! Pfff crap trailer for a crap expansion for a crap game…. play wow on private servers :)) is more fun……

  2. Balance Problems Fixed ?_?

    elins had much higher range on attacks, skills & shorter cast animations

    braka & amani suffered greatly from low range on attacks and skills

    yes giants that can throw across a football field have less range than cat sized girls =_=

    many years many threads filled with dozens of pages along with proof, but nothing was ever done

    in a game where PvE is filler shit, yes it matters

    checked several months back and was told no…its still like that ingame, nothing done about it ~_~

    • elins have larger range but also they move a step closer to their targets every attack, which mean they need a step more to do to escape to a mob attack, also elins are easyer to flank, climb over and get behind in pvp.
      the small size made them harder to an healer to lock on with the heal skill.
      the jump distance of their roll/dodge is shorter than the other races too.
      castanic have faster animations. period
      baraka and amani move less from their spot for each attack
      the size of baraka/amani allow the lancer to shield more people behind them during their block
      their size is also an advantage for the healer
      and many more things
      “elins had much higher range on attacks” is bottom low player tier complaint.
      don’t listen that and

      git gud

  3. I haven’t played Tera in some time, it was fine i got to lvl 30+ but what stopped me playing was the quests for killing Bam’s which required a group to take down and finding one wasn’t always a easy thing to do most couldn’t be bothered, I might jump back in when the expansion launches just to see if anything has changed enough to get me back in.

    • The normal quests you get while going through areas are just fillers really and unless they are story quests I totally pass up the BAM quests because past lvl 30 they get hard to solo. Once you get to lvl 40 I believe you can just do dailies and those lvl you up really quick.


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