TERA’s Gunner Class Fires Her Way Onto Consoles


TERA‘s Gunner class has finally come to consoles. Starting today, both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can start playing her. Now console players can carry the biggest guns in the game.

The Gunner is a high-damage class and specializes in powerful AoE’s, big guns (or arcannons), and summoning constructs. Just as she’s armed with heavy weapons, she’s also geared in heavy armor, making her a tank class that can deal ranged damage or get up close and personal.

If players were paying attention earlier in the month and managed to complete all the tasks listed for the Gunner launch event, they should have a Pre-Gunner Reward Box that will help get their new character started. At present, I’m not sure if the event is still running, but just in case you’d like to try, everything you need to do is listed on the TERA site.


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