Today may be “Revenge of the Fifth” or Cinco de Mayo in some circles, but for the team at En Masse Entertainment today is the day of the Gunner. TERA has launched its newest class in the free to play MMORPG and has launched a Steam version of the game’s client. If you haven’t updated your TERA client already, we all know it takes a long time so head on over and read our preview of the Gunner to get an idea of what you’ll be taking on when that damn client gets around to updating.

Upon logging in, players will receive the “Beep Boop Bot” bundle for free—which includes the EX-TRM mount, a free character slot, and a whole host of consumable items. This offer expires on Tuesday, May 26. For those that were asking in the comments on previous articles, I did confirm with En Masse that the free EX-TRM mount is in fact a permanent mount.

“We’re celebrating TERA’s anniversary this month and over the past 3 years, we’ve received many requests for TERA to be playable on Steam,” said TERA producer at En Masse Entertainment Patrick “Treeshark” Sun. “TERA is more accessible than ever—and we’re so excited to see the Steam community experience TERA’s action combat, with the option of using either a controller or the standard keyboard-and-mouse.”

Let us know what you think of the Gunner in the comments below. For you PvP fans out there, let me know how the Gunner holds up in PvP…seems like it may be a bit overpowered at times to me, but I’m no PvP expert so let us know!

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  1. I liked gunner it was ok BUT there are more things bad than good!!!! Now there is always explosions in the background very annoying!!!! also i was out trying to farm XP and its really terrible worse than A_hole archers pooching mobs hitting your target then letting you kill it for no XP…Alot of the time you don’t even know!!! Not good people later….

  2. Enjoying the new class so far…seems abit OP but that could just be the lower levels.

    Also the mount, i’m assuming that the one you refrence is what NA is getting and not the gameforges EU servers.

    The mount the EU has is Fabled Night Mare which is only 30 days

    • you can download the NA version on Steam in the EU it’s just been enabled after a delay, i’m downloading it now.

      I played a bit of the gunner class in the EU version i really like what i played so far, and yeah typical Geforge only giving a 30 day mount and no XP bonus events etc, will delete that version once steam has finished downloading the NA version.

  3. Yeah Steam version has been delayed, developer posted on the steam forum.

    “We’ve been experiencing some server stability issues today and we will be delaying the Steam launch until we have the servers stable. We are still shooting for sometime today and will use this thread to update everyone Thank you for your patience”.


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