TERA's Next Update Is Frosty, Adds Gear, And Has A "Brutal Final Boss"

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Tera players can expect patch 103 sometime in the near future. We don't know the exact date yet, but we do know a few things about what the update will contain thanks to a recent post on the Gameforge site. The preview covers the Gardan of the Ice featuring the new killing grounds dungeon and its "seriously brutal final boss".

In the dungeon, players will find themselves pit against the berserker warrior Gardan in Killian's frozen arena. To challenge this new boss, players must first make their way into the arena via the Citadel of Torment in Westonia. As is appropriate for the environment, Gardan's attacks are ice-based. One of these locks players into a dome of ice that shrinks the combat arena and makes it more difficult for everyone to get out of his way.

The preview post also breifly mentions new Hand and Footwear, Kaia's Soul Gear. The only real information here is that there will be new materials for players to colled in Gardan's dungeon.

Finally, the update will make temporary etchings a permanent fixture, with 30-day etching becoming a permanent version and 60-day becoming two permanent versions. If you've already applied etching to your equipment, these will become permanent as well, provided they don't expire before that time.

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