TERA’s Next Update, Skywatch: Call To Arms, Adds The Popori Brawler


TERA’s next big update is on its way — in fact, PC players have less than two weeks to prepare for it. When Skywatch: Call To Arms hits on June 11, it will introduce a new race/class comb, the ultra-furry and cute popori brawler. Honestly, I’m not sure if I came up against one of these in combat that I wouldn’t just try to hug it.

To celebrate the release of the popori brawler, there will be a four-week leveling event launching alongside the update. During this time, players taking on the new role will be able to earn all kinds of helpful items as rewards. Those who hit level 65 before July 9 will earn some premium weapon skins: the Kitten Hittin’-Mittens.

The update also introduces a few system reworks, giving players the chance to earn even more treasure.

Now’s about the time I’d refer you to the official blog post on the subject, but there doesn’t appear to be one yet. So just keep an eye out on the TERA website.



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