Although change in the MOBA world can be scarce at times, it appears DOTA 2 will be seeing a turning of a season at the end of this month with their New Bloom Festival event. A new variety of rewards, heroes, enemies, and even an entire new mode known as Takeover will be available upon it’s release.

One highlight of the very elaborate lore for New Blood Festival is “The Coming of the Year Beast”. No explanations or complete theories have been put together on when and where this beast is going to occur, but Flamesalt Ingots will be available as you play, which can be crafted into certain items that are specifically for defeating it.

Furthermore, the most recent of the new heroes to be revealed is TerrorBlade. This melee hero has the ability to transform into different forms, including duplicating himself or any targeted enemies. Soul Keeper’s ultimate also allows him the opportunity to swap health with any allied or enemy target.

The list of new additions coming this January 31st is quite vast, and can be found on both Day 1 and Day 2 of the New Bloom Festival on DOTA 2‘s website.



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