Text-Based Cyberpunk Game Coming To Steam This Summer


A cyberpunk game of a different kind is coming to Steam this summer, and you don’t even have to buy it. Indie studio Late Night Games announced the free-to-play text-based RPG cyberpunkdreams (Yes, all one word, no caps) earlier today. The game, which will release on Windows, Mac, and Linux via Steam, is set in 2090s Cincinnati where — as with most cyberpunk offerings — everything is overseen by corporations.

Late Night Games describes cyberpunkdreams as “a continually expanding text-based RPG”, meaning that the company plans to support the game post launch with regular content updates. Even before launch, the game offers players 1.6 million words of content and a myriad of possible outcomes based on the choices players make.

This is a single-player game and, like we said, it’s not scheduled to arrive for a bit. But, if you’re interested in text-based cyberpunk-themed games, you can find out more via the game’s site.


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