TGS 2022: Palworld’s Latest Trailer Shows More Of The Action And Will Come To Xbox

There’s a lot of gunplay...I mean...a LOT!

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Palworld TGS Trailer

Pocketpair dropped a new trailer for Palworld during the Tokyo Game Show today. The trailer still looks fairly cinematic, but it offers would-be players a look at some of the gameplay and the places they’ll likely be exploring. It’s a pretty solid look at the weapons that will be available in the game, as well. It looks like there’s everything from machine guns to rocket launchers…and even a gun that throws multiple Pokemon-style balls at once. When you see it, you’ll know what we mean. It appears players can launch several balls and catch all the critters in front of them in one go.

As mentioned, the video also offers a look at the game’s environment. It all looks pretty nice. The game has a good open-world feel, if the trailer is anything to go by. It shows everything from lush forests to deserts to what could be ancient temples.

Palworld was also confirmed to be releasing for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S when it does eventually release and that's in addition to the already announced PC release.

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