Dungeons & Dragons Online's Crystal Cove Event Returns With Updated Mechanics And New Rewards

A challenging event makes its way back to DDO with new twists.

Anthony Jones
By Anthony Jones, News Editor Posted:

D&D Euphonia's Challenge

Formerly named "Euphonia's Challenge, The Treasure of Crystal Cove," Dungeons & Dragons Online's recurring event is now live with updated mechanics and new rewards for players to gain. Crystal Cove will be running until October 2, so that's a little under three weeks for fans to try out the latest version of the event.

Daybreak Games' dev blog presents a detailed guide for players to learn what to expect in this year's Crystal Cove event. One of the highlighted updated mechanics is that Treasure Map Pieces no longer appear in-game and are not needed to open the door to the Crystal Cove Collection Challenge.

Furthermore, players will acquire Treasure Compasses and Doubloons when defeating unique Ghostly Champions on harder difficulty modes. Copper, Silver, and Gold Doubloons can also now sometimes appear in chests throughout the game while the event is active. Returning and new rewards like a Diamond of Festive Strength +2 and cosmetics such as Copper Dwarven War Axe are available for players to earn, too.

DDO Event

Players must travel to Smuggler's Rest and speak with Sailor Calatin on the docks in The Harbor to start the challenge event. In Smuggler's Rest are pirates, hidden chests, and other unknowns in the unique wilderness zone.

On the plus side, the area is perfect for characters of all levels to enjoy themselves together, but traveling beside higher-leveled players could spawn stronger enemies if you're not careful. Starting the Crystal Cove Collection Challenge requires a Treasure Compass dropped by enemies in the zone, beating Ghostly Champions, or purchasing them with Doubloons from Euphonia's Barter Box or in the DDO Store.

Whatever additional Doubloons a player gets in Smuggler's Rest or inside the Crystal Cove Collection Challenge can also be used to gain hats with enchantable item slots. There are three available: "Crystal Rush" bestows benefits to nearby enemies in Crystal Cove, "Adventuring Bonus" offers a boost to player stats and hit points, and "Skilled Seamen" gives a bonus to a specific skill.

You can learn more about the new additions on the DDO website.

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