Planetside 2 continues to see new updates and features added on a monthly basis. Earlier in the year we saw strategic underground tunnels added along with a redesign of some of the larger bases in order to provide better cover for both the attackers and defenders. The upcoming March update is set to launch soon and with it comes a host of new additions including new quadbikes, faction specific rocket launchers, and much needed UI adjustments.

Planetside 2 is all about the buddy system. Tanks need secondary gunners, Liberators need bombers, Heavy Assaults need Engineers supplying them with rocket ammo and so on and so forth. Now with the introduction of the redesigned quadbike (better known as the Flash), players can take a buddy with them on the go via a new rear-mounted seat allows an additional player to ride on a flash. Those who choose to ride as passengers can use any available weapon or tool except for deployables, allowing players to take potshots at enemies while zipping past them in the heat of battle. Additionally, the Recon class can now cloak while on the Flash, cloaking both themselves and the vehicle for a short period.

With the introduction of faction specific rocket launchers (and I am not talking about the simple re-skins of the stock launcher) the separation between factions is slowly moving forward. The Vanu get a charge based launcher which deals additional damage based on charge time, the Terran Republic get a magazine fed launcher capable of firing multiple lock on rockets in quick succession, and the New Conglomerate get a camera guided launcher which allows the player to steer the projectile in mid flight.

More details can be found in the preview video above as well as on Planetside 2’s official Roadmap which details potential changes based on player interest. I encourage you to check it out as some of the upcoming updates are quite exciting. Here I already have the link ready for you and everything. Aren’t I nice.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. have you guys ever thought about why some many games are unpopuar? innovation is key to game development, take age of wushu for instance, unique gameplays and hundreds of skills without the burden of leveling. hell the skills in there could take on bruce lee. lol.

  2. I find that a game like Plantside 2 needs that communication as you can die fairly easy and plan out attacks with some smaller squads will be appreciated.

  3. I said lean to pay to win didnt say it was pat to win you can still get weapons if you pay money and it would take forever to try to get those weapons if you did not pay money since they cost around 1000 points that’s why I said it lanes to pay the win.

    • That’s not pay to win, that’s pay for a shortcut. Every weapon is a sidegrade, and the default weapons are great. It’s an MMO, you have to put good amount of time into it if you want to get anywhere. And if you don’t have the time, then you shouldn’t be playing MMOs in the first place. Making 1000 certs isn’t even that hard, it just requires hard work and some amount of patience.

  4. umm cool i guess planet side 2 has started to lean in the pay to win directions so i bet you have to buy these new weapons i like the new 4 wheelers i always wanted to ride on the back because not other vehicle was around. but this seems a little odd as news you guys don’t normally post stuff about patches and updates about other games i wonder why planet side 2 gets a article for its update. i am not complaining jest a thought i mean i am always Happy to hear about news on games.

    • It is never a pay2win, the only thing available for money is camo and decals. You can unlock anything you want by certification points which are collected by playing…I bet you didn’t even play the game.

  5. This game just pushes the system more and more and I Can no longer run it. IT is sad because it is processing DEAD SPACE! All tha tterrain and the battles occupy 20% of the map, the extra space is just for cheaters to go hide in the bushes and kill themself and rez for extra points LOL stupid game is stupid.

  6. I used t be able to turn everything down and make the game playable at nearly a stable 30 fps even in large battles.. Now they added some new effects that cannot be turned off and neglected to even optimize the game to use even 30% more GPU (still basically ALL cpu bound) so I just tried to play it and could only muster 2-7 fps even with everything turned as low as it could go..

    Disappointing.. All the leets talking about how much I should spend on a PC to play and I say if that is the ONLY game where my GTX 660ti is not powerful enough to run then F—! that game and I will stick to what I CAN play..

    • Fun fact, the more you turn down the graphics the lower your frame rate will get if you have a CPU bottleneck. The game uses the CPU more as you lower the graphics. The higher the graphics the more it uses the GPU instead of the CPU.

  7. Planetside 2 is a great waste of potential. A persistent multiplayer open-world shooter just sounds great in concept. You actually play it…it’s just plain boring, it’s not very good looking to boot. I can get past bad graphics for good gameplay, but the game play isn’t good either.

    In a gaming world full of unique shooters and bland shooters that at least look beautiful…hard to understand how this game has a playerbase.

    • really planetside 2 has bad graphics? its graphics are so good i cant even play it too bad i cant get that new graphics card yet

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          • lol ok i feel sorry for you. i think you got me wrong, im just saying that girls will never be good players in games. but they are great at other stuff, like fighting with other girls, cooking, washing clothes and cleaning the house 😀 i heard sex with them is great too, but then you have to walk with her in the street and that can be embarrassing. Oh offcorse they will try to make your mind to do what they want threatening you with no sex. Besides i dont have money to buy a game imagine the money ill need to a girl, i can be sexist, but most of the girls are comsumeristic, brain washed and will never be as great as men are! muahahaha nao go get some groceries.

          • @SlightlyMad
            Dude i tried to joke with you a little to lighten the mood after you fk up ragging on spunky. Why be sexist now. Sexism is wrong. Stop with this shit.
            In case you still don’t understand please read both of your comments and read this definition:

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          • @SlightlyMad
            LoL just re-read your comment and noticed you are aware of that fact. That is sad. Really sad.
            I hope you’re gonna have a boxer wife or something like that, so she can kick your ass. You gonna swallow your fk words then.

          • i know ill end up alone, well you should be greatful for that, more girls for you 😀 congrats bro! get them all! btw, i dont know how to read, i just know the lady up there is a fox and live in the desert and im the lonely and sad one. ok. i got it, you guys dont like me i shut up. =L

        • . . .(don’t get mad, don’t get mad) umm i don’t think i mess up on games that much and bet i could hold my own against most gamers i would yell at you but i rilly think its jest not worth it all the other commenter’s seem to have done that for me

  8. the new updates to this game gets me excited Planetside 2 is a pretty awesome game kept be entertained all the way up till my computer decided to crap out on me it had a few p2w aspects that I’m not happy with but nothings perfect once I’m able to get a new rig I’m diffidently playing agian

  9. what da fck is happening to mmobomb? what is this sht? a-bomb to this review! im extremely sad, first we lose remo, then magicmen, if we dont stop this what we gonna lose next? the entire gaming people? grrr we cant let money talk louder then ourselfs. free gaming comunity cant be ruled by a paid kiddy worker. Hes ruinning all the goos free to play sites we all know and like, first was mmohut, now mmobomb, we just dont like you dude, isnt mcdonnalds recruiting employers? pfff get lost! double a-bomb! done, i said!

    • This post confuses me. MMOBomb hasn’t sold out. Magicman had some family things to take care of thus why he is MIA currently. I don’t really know how this is my fault.

      • I was confused at first, but when I read mmohut and then remembered that your voice did sound oddly familiar.. You are OMER from all those mmohut first looks I used to watch?? Bro! Thats awesome.. lol.. I was a huge fan of those first looks man, until they stopped and of course.. Now they are here instead.. Ahhh.. Why am I always so late to the party..

        • Spunkify isnt Omer, but both of them worked at mmohut, idk if Omer still works there i dont visit it anymore, but Omer was one of the best reviewers imo 😀

      • im sorry spunkify i didnt mean to hurt you, i like your work, i like to hear you and i think you do a great job showing us all what a game is all about in your first looks, very nicely done, congratulations on that. The thing is that everyone i love is gone and you are still here, so i guess i raged to you all my sadness, im sorry didnt meant to be rude to you. i just miss omer and magicman QQ im sorry, bring them back please!!! QQ

          • what? u mad also bro? want to keep the nick? i can change to: “i dont give milk to kids”. or i can change to: “Wait, so your spunkify?” im done with this site, only retards now that doesnt understand shit about games and think they are better than the others. you are nothing you jerk. people dont like you and never will. and ye, i will burn in hell, but ill see some of you with me there retards, cya later 😉

    • Dude wake up. Omer is not from mmobomb. Take your pills and chill.
      Have patience for a few weeks. We will see how thing are going. This is a hard time for them to. Lots of change around.
      I’m as sad as everyone for Magicman leaving, but he has his life to take care of and can’t we say anything against that. Don’t blame spunky or mmobomb for that. At least as i’m avare, they did nothing bad.
      P.S. For everyone missing him, here is Magicman’s channel: youtube(dot)com/user/ClawedMagicman he does some videos on his channel now, not mmo related, but still good videos.


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