The Cycle: Frontier’s Season 2 Is Set For September 28

Enjoy a new map and new discoveries to be unearthed.

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The Cycle Frontier Season 2

As The Cycle: Frontier's first season comes to an end, it only sparks excitement for the upcoming Season 2 that is set to start on September 28, 2022.

The new season will introduce its own selection of new content sure to keep players busy as they prepare to discover and explore Tharis Island as the third map makes its appearance into the game. While the island will be lush and sublime, the depths also hold their own dark secrets that are just waiting to be unearthed.

The new season will start with the game’s first wipe that will clean the slate for every Prospector out there. Players will of course be able to keep all their Aurum and cosmetics, so in that aspect there is nothing to worry about. Players can also look forward to a brand-new Fortuna Pass filled with new rewards.

More information will be bubbling to the surface as September 28 draws closer, but for now, enjoy the final moments of The Cycle: Frontier’s Season One and enjoy the Season 2 Trailer below.

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