The Cycle: Frontier Has Updated Their Matchmaking System In Order To Create A More Positive Experience

Patch 1.3.8 also addresses the current state of balancing in game.

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Cycle Frontier Update

The Cycle: Frontier’s latest patch notes for 1.3.8 bring with it changes to matchmaking, a brief chat on balancing changes, and improvements on the anti-cheat front...because no one likes a cheater.

Matchmaking has been tinkered with in order to protect fresh players and to increase the challenge for squad players with a bit more skill. The intentions with the new buckets are:

• Bucket 1: starting solos, and duos that are not so great at the game

• Bucket 2: good solos, not-great duos, underperforming trios (these would almost not exist)

• Bucket 3: good duos, trios that are almost decent

• Bucket 4: decent trios, exceptionally good duos (no solo will ever set foot here)

As for balancing, Creative Director Daze mentioned that, in general, as people progress through the game, of course they're gaining better late-game gear as well as naturally building their own personal skills. Due to this combination of better gear mixed with a player's skill, the data is a bit difficult to interpret. Nonetheless, the team believes that players are getting to a spot where they are performing roughly as the dev team would like. While high-tier gear makes players slightly more likely to win a fight, even players with lower quality gear stand a chance by merely outsmarting their opponent.

For this patch a majority of balance changes are tuning the recoil for weapons in order to make them less “across the board unruly.” Epic armor is also becoming slightly easier to craft, however some players are apprehensive to go with the most expensive gear just to be killed by a cheater.

Currently, a lot of work is being done to make improvements on the anti-cheat front. Interested players can check out the video below or those who want to read more on the 1.3.8 patch notes can do so here.

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