The Finals Players Would Like To Spend A Little Less Time On Their Battle Pass

It’s too much of a time sink.

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The Finals Battle Pass Woes

Quite possibly, one of the most difficult things to do when developing a game is finding that balance between not having enough to do and asking too much of the players. This is particularly true for online games which need players to have something to keep logging in for if the developer doesn’t want to suffer a lull in the game. When you’re asking players to pay for something – say a battle pass – you need to make it worth their money.

The thing is, developers also need to respect a player's time, too. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

That’s why now, players of Embark Studios’ game-show-themed game The Finals are asking the devs to dial it back on the game’s battle pass. As it turns out, the shooter's pass has a total of 96 levels and – like all battle passes – rewards players for their effort with things like cosmetic rewards. The problem, according to a report on Games Radar, is that it can take players an hour or more to level up once. That means that in order to complete the battle pass, players need to spend approximately 100 hours in the game.

The battle pass ends on March 12, so it’s not TOTALLY unachievable. However, it doesn’t really take into account that most people have lives outside of the game. To make things worse, the weekly challenges don’t carry over, meaning players are having a hard time completing them.

As a result, players are calling for the developers to come up with something else. A common suggestion seems to be something along the lines of the Halo Infinite battle pass which allows players to work on them at their leisure. Even if they don’t want to do that, it does seem that looking at ways to make the whole thing more respectful to the players’ time is something they need to do.

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