The First Descendant Looks At 2024 Launch As Team Responds To Player Feedback On Repetitive Missions, UI, And More

They seem to be taking player feedback very seriously.

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The First Descendant Responds to player feedback

The First Descendant recently concluded a Crossplay Open Beta test and, as you might imagine, they received a ton of feedback which they have been sifting through since then. Today they released a blog post detailing the feedback they received and how they plan to implement it going forward.

Two of the major topics covered were the repetitiveness of missions and the UI. Players felt missions were too repetitive and The First Descendant devs say they are making strides to improve the shooter's gameplay loop. They are also looking to add features for co-op play and matchmaking support for dungeon missions. Most importantly, they'll be adding new content to the game to make missions more fun. The devs are also looking to make improvements to the controls and visibility of the UI, another area where they received a lot of feedback.

Given all of this feedback and the intention of the devs to make improvements to The First Descendant, it looks like the launch window is now being pushed into 2024.

For now, it seems Nexon is doing and saying all of the right things for The First Descendant. They seem to be taking feedback seriously and doing their best to implement improvements wherever possible. It's a good sign for the game, but we'll just have to wait and see how it all shakes out closer to launch.

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