"Land Of The Morning Light", The MMO's Largest Expansion To Date, Is Now Live In Black Desert Online

This new region represents authentic Korean culture, says Pearl Abyss.

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black desert online land of morning light

Welcome to "Land of the Morning Light."

Pearl Abyss has dropped the latest expansion for Black Desert Online, which takes place in a new region inspired by Korea's Joseon period, the last dynastic kingdom. According to the developers, the expansion — which authentically represents Korean culture — offers breathtaking landscapes, intricate architecture, challenging boss battles, and a rich narrative experience with non-linear quest lines. Players can enjoy 80 cutscenes, 40 vignettes, and 6,000 fully-dubbed lines.

In terms of gameplay, "Land of the Morning Light" introduces eight bosses that players must defeat to progress through the narrative. Each boss has unique mechanics and combat strategies. Additionally, a new competitive boss challenge called "Boss Blitz" has been added. After defeating a boss, players can engage in up to 10 customized "Calamity" difficulty levels and compete with others for top rankings organized by character class.

Additionally, the expansion also brings quality-of-life improvements, including powerful gear and specialty items to enhance gameplay. Players can look forward to acquiring items like "Dahn's Gloves," the "Belt of Taebaek," the "Jewel of Illusion," and the "Deboreka Earring." Housing options have also been expanded, providing larger indoor and outdoor social gathering spaces. "Shimhyangje," a spacious manor with generously sized rooms and traditional furniture, is among the new housing structures. Also, the revamped "Panokseon" boat offers a sea-faring experience with combat capabilities and ability to accommodate a large crew.

While the MMORPG's expansion is free for Black Desert Online owners, the base game is something you'd have to buy if you aren't an owner already. However, in celebration of the launch, all game packages will be available at a 50% discount on Steam and through the official website. As for console players, the Woose Awakening update just went live.

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