Turbine has finally announced the release date for The Lord of The Rings Online: Helm’s Deep expansion. Set to go live on November 18th, the expansion will continue the MMO’s tradition of expanding the Epic Story. This time players will take front and center stage as they embark into the western plains of Rohan to battle for Helm’s Deep. On the way, players can expect to encounter famous characters and locations including Aragorn and the infamous fortress of the Hornburg.

The expansion which increases the level cap to 95, will also add new skills and completely updated class specializations. Mounted combat, which was introduced in the Riders of Rohan expansion, will also see a return.

The majority of The Lord of The Rings Online expansions must be purchased and Helm’s Deep is no exception. However, starting today Turbine has laid out several pre-purchase offers to entice players with more than just the baseline expansion. The pre-order packs range from $39.99 for the base edition to $59.99 for premium. Each bundle comes with an allotment of Turbine points, assorted cosmetic armors, unique mount, titles and experience boosts.

For more information on the expansion check out The Lord of The Rings Online official Helm’s Deep page here.

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  1. RIFT is too laggy. I loved it when I played beta, so I subbed. Took a break from it til it went f2p and tried it again. But going into town lag crashes me sometimes, and even when it doesn’t CRASH me, I have to wait a few mins just to go from one merchant to another because the lag is horrendous. Its still on my hard drive but LOTRO doesn’t lag me so I’m playing it & having fun.

    • Totally agreed, as far as mmorpg’s go Rift is surely the best one out of everyone with its F2P model that is. Rest of them like LoTRO, Conan, SWGTOR, etc is just garbagio.


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