The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot is a game about heroes and the castles they inhabit. The latest trailer showcases a key feature of the game. The ability to create your own intricate castle, fill it with varying monsters and traps of all shapes and sizes and then proceed to laugh at others misfortunes as they attempt to navigate through your dangerous abode.

While the trailer’s humor does fall flat at times, it does give you the general notion that the game isn’t exactly serious business. The general gist of the trailer is:

Player A builds seemingly impassible castle defenses

Player B pillages player A’s castle

Player A then proceeds to pillage player B’s castle in nothing but their underpants

Taunting ensues and loot is lost

A grudge is born

Throw in some ARPG gameplay and you’ve got The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot. The trailer says you can join the free beta now, but the Youtube description mentions the game is still in Closed Alpha. Safe to say Ubisoft isn’t charging for immediate beta access (although they may given recent trends) however they don’t seem to really know what the game’s current testing state actually is. In any case you can check the game out for yourself here.

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  1. Looks fun. And,, different
    Its like dungeon crawler but gives a player chance to create own dungeon, which is a very good idea

  2. Well I’m looking forward to this game its looks fun 🙂 something different for the traditional ARPG look of Diablo and Path of Exile, which are great games love the both. Waiting for a key D:

  3. I actualy love this game. Quite fun to go and raid anyone castle. You can get some keys if you visit the facebook page of them, they suually give keys to the first 50 coments to post in here or counting x amount of things. They also give out keys in twitter I believe.

  4. If you guys want to see real action/gameplay then check in my youtube channel (Simonas [Gaming Channel]) I have both, archer and knight gameplays.

  5. looks fun .. I remember signing up in their site last year … well I think its fun untill someone beat your castle and you want to revenge 😛

  6. I actually liked the humour of this trailer. And i can’t wait to get a key to get in this game. I love the concept, the graphics (which were obviously influenced by torchlight and that’s awesome) are amazing and everything seems pretty damn fun about it so far.

    I have a feeling this will be the next game that will make me spend 10-12 hours a day sitting on my ass going no-life. Haven’t had a game do that to me in ages, so I’m kinda looking forward to it xD

  7. I’ve been signed up for this since I first seen it last year. I went to the site, but I can’t seem to find where to download/play it. Any help please?

    Thanks in advance.

    • If im not mistaken it is still closed beta and therefore you need a beta key to get access to the game until they put it into open beta or release it fully. If you don’t have a beta key then you are probably out of luck (maybe someone can give you one). If you have one but lost it I suggest you email the game’s support and explain your situation.

    • When you sign-up for the game you have a chance of getting a key. You need to use that key in order to play the game since it’s in closed alpha testing. So I’d suggest you check your e-mail to see did you get the key by now. If not, you can always try your luck on their facebook page for the game. They often either give xx amount of free keys there, or they make events where people can win keys. There is actually one such event going on on their facebook page right now.

  8. I remember seeing a trailer for this some time ago, completely forgot about it, but I was very interested, and now I am again, will be looking foward.

  9. It was started by Magicman in one of the earlier F2P cast episodes, As another word to say “First” essentially I find it retarded.

    • im sorry,im kinda new here, what “mounted” stands for ? the first comment or somethin ?

      p.s i hope we could get few beta keys to try out game

        • It started in one of the early episodes of the free to play cast when magicman (and the other hosts on the time) were talking about how first was so lame and boring. So they came up with the idea of mounted (because selfius wanted a mount that mounts him if im not mistaken) so then Magicman told everyone to say mounted instead of first.


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