The Moogle Treasure Trove Is Coming Back To Final Fantasy XIV And Has New Ways To Earn Tomestones

Fishers, it is finally your time.

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Moogle Treasure Trove Jan 2024

In just a week, on January 30, The Moogle Treasure Trove returns to Final Fantasy XIV. It’s titled “The First Hunt for Genesis” – with an emphasis on “First”, as the event will be broken into two parts, with each part offering different rewards. This event is different from previous ones. Players will still be able to earn Irregular Tomestones in the typical way – by looking in Duty Finder and choosing the activities with a moogle icon. There’s more than that, this time.

Now, the MMORPG's event is broken up into different kinds of objectives that players can track in their Mogpendium. These include Standard Objectives, Weekly Objectives, Minimog Challenges, and Ultimog Challenges. Standard Objectives can be done repeatedly and include all the hits as well as GATEs and ocean fishing. Note that players need to score at least 1,200 points in ocean fishing to get irregular tomes.

Weekly objectives are, well, weekly. They’re assigned to players through the Mogpendium and include a variety of tasks pulled from the standard objectives. Basically, players will get a bit more for doing the weekly objective than they would just doing it as a standard objective.

Minimog and Ultimog Challenges are also weekly. Based on the images, the Minimog challenges can range from FATEs to fishing to hunting bills, treasure hunts, or even some Triple Triad. Ultimogs will offer a larger tomestone reward and players will need to check their Mogpendium to find out what they need to do each week.

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