The Next Guild Wars 2 Expansion, Titled "Secrets Of The Obscure," Has Been Officially Revealed

While the update is a ways away, players will get the chance to beta test the Weaponmaster Training feature real soon.

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Tyria just got bigger... well it WILL get bigger.

ArenaNet has announced the fourth expansion for Guild Wars 2, called "Secrets of the Obscure." This follows having the name somewhat spoiled this past weekend. This major update will provide answers to long-standing mysteries in the game's lore and introduce new combat features, maps, and character build possibilities.

First, there will be new explorable areas added to the MMORPG, two Strike Missions, and gameplay features; and additional content is planned for future releases. The story will revolve around defending the world from an unseen threat, starting with the Skywatch Archipelago, a new map high above Tyria.

Players will journey into the Demon Realm, alongside secretive allies, to determine the fate of the world. Secrets of the Obscure will introduce new maps, a hub area called the Wizard's Tower, the Astral Ward faction, the Heart of the Obscure, advanced flight masteries, new Strike Missions, the Wizard's Vault, relics, weaponmaster training, and various new rewards.

This expansion is available for purchase at $24.99, with deluxe and ultimate editions available for additional bonus items. It drops on August 22. Also, a special beta event for the Weaponmaster Training feature will be open to all players from June 29 to July 2.

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