A few days ago we reported on a video log from The Secret World that hinted at a possible future for the game that didn’t include subscriptions. This morning Funcom officially announced that the game will be adopting a buy to play model similar to Guild Wars 2. Purchasing the box at its current $30 price point unlocks the full game and all 4 “Issue” updates and the upcoming “Issue 5” update. Buy the game before December 31st and you’ll also get a few extra goodies as well.

Perhaps the most important question on potential player’s minds is “Are there any restrictions?” According to The Secret World forums: The Secret World will also continue to offer an optional subscription that nets players some monthly extras in the way of experience perks and Cash Shop currency. Lifetime subscribers automatically receive these and other perks.

“No. You have access to all the content available right now, including all playfields, all missions; you may enter all lairs, participate in raids, learn all abilities, use all equipment and so on.”

The full details and FAQs can be found here: here.

While it may not be the fully free to play announcement many expected, do you think this is enough to draw a player base or will Funcom have to drop the box fee to attract your attention? Let us know below!


  1. Well , Magicman idk if you wrote this post but as you asked at the bottom of the article , I don;t think they even need to think about dropping the 30$ box price. The world is Full of player’s now , Even more than when i played at release. Once in you know how amazing it look’s the quest’s, Anyone who spends thier 30$ would and will be rather impressed on what they get for thier money.

    The Item Mall is running just fine i see player’s in thier new clothes everywhere.

    1 Amazing story guy’s.

    • It by all mean’s is worth it. I don’t think it is very pc friendly though and if you buy the game via download from thier site they give you a 5 day warranty to test it on your system and refund you if it don’t run well.


  2. Oh wait what?
    “The Secret World that hinted at a possible future for the game that didn’t include subscriptions”
    “According to The Secret World forums: The Secret World will also continue to offer an optional subscription that nets players some monthly extras in the way of experience perks and Cash Shop currency”

    So those two statements kind of contradicted each other. Does that mean subscriptions in game after buying the game? o.o I hope not… otherwise, I guess I’ll save more money from Guild Wars 2 then xD.

    • You don;t need to sub !

      The sub give’s you small boost’s that doe’s not make you any stronger than anyone else.
      You can run a little faster ( not needed , Enjoy the world)

      AP gain ( Help’s you gain a skill point for ability’s 2 times faster – (Not needed Enjoy the game)
      SP boost gain skill points faster – Again Not needed .

      a Sub is 15$ a month .. with that sub they give you 10$ worth of Item mall money.
      The Item mall is rather fair , Mainly Cosmetic !

      Sub is not needed at all ! Unless you are a cosmetic, vanity pet .. and a few other things that you can just Run some dungeons for ingame.


  3. i do not believe it should be buy 2 play, drop the box cost. I see this as purely trying to get more money out of it before they drop the title. if that is the case i hope they use it to fuel games like the longest journey (its been years since dream fall and that cliffhanger bugs me)

  4. Why would you post this game D:! , its not going f2p till they get TONS OF MONEY . is not even worth the try to B2P , since they are going to stick to pay to win , .

    • I don’t really agree that it’s pay to win, as a cash shop doesn’t really mean that what you are getting will make you unto a god or anything, I played this game in beta, and even then I would totally agree that it’s worth the price of at least $30 and maybe even some money in the cash shop. I would also note that the game’s combat engine is active enough that it does require a little skill to actually be effective, especially with no leveling system.

      I always figured they would go a subscription optional route as I did like it, but it didn’t really seem like it worth paying $60 and a sub. And it seems that the devs figured this out as well, since they had a cash shop in their from day one, probably to make the transition easier later on.

      While I wish that it was F2P, B2P is fine, it worked for GW1 and it really works well for GW2, and while I would have to say that this game has nowhere near the value that GW2 offers for it’s price vs content offered, I still think it’s worth it for what it has.

  5. Well I was telling everyone I could that TSW would be F2P or B2P by the end of the world… um year that is 2 weeks after it launched. This game has potential, just not the kind of player base that is willing to put up with a box fee, a sub fee, and a cash shop.

    I am very happy with the model they chose. I, unlike many, feel that B2P is the future and not F2P at least for AAA titles. There is allot of money put into a triple A game and the only way to get that money is via Publishers and/or investors. Yes there is also the kickstarter rout but that has yet to be proven. In order to satisfy those investors, be it private or the investors behind the publishers, you need to have a large initial revenue at launch. That just don’t happen with F2P.

    I do think that Grandmasters (lifetimers) are getting the shaft though. Have 2 friends that are now thanking me for talking them into keeping their $200).Though, all and all I think that this will bring more players into the game while keeping the devs and EA happy. A am so grateful that EA left this up to FunCom and TSW did not get the crap so-called F2P model of SWTOR.

    Sir Jaxxy

  6. Time to log in and play again, well done Funcom….. WELL DONE! By making this decision, you have impressed me in every way, you have done a better job than what SWTOR did, by making it buy to play, everybody wins.

    • I agree there. I’d been happier with F2P, but it’s fine with me. Sure worths the 30 euro better than SWTOR. At least there aren’t any restrictions which pissed me off so much on the other game and interestingly enough they could make the subscription deal look nice as well.

  7. We’ve just made a major change to the business model of The Secret World in that we no longer require a subscription to play, and have instead introduced an optional Membership. As a lifetime subscriber this will only affect you in a positive way, read on for all the changes to our game!

    The Grandmaster Pack continues as a powerful and lifelong commitment to the game for those with true dedication, and contains all the benefits given to members and more:

    Every month Grandmaster accounts will receive $10 worth of Bonus Points. These points are valid for 6 months and can be used towards any Item Store purchase.
    Every month Grandmaster accounts will receive the Item-of-the-month: a special gift to all Membership accounts to the game.
    As a Grandmaster you receive a permanent item: The Time Accelerator. This item is available to all your characters and increases your experience gain by 100% for one hour and has a 16 hour cool-down!
    Further, what used to be a discount of 10% discount to only social items in the Item Store has now been extended to be a discount on everything in the store. As members are getting a 10% discount to everything in the store, Grandmasters now receive a 20% discount!

    In sum, the Grandmaster is more than ever an unbeatable deal for those loyal to the game, a choice which we thank you for making.
    We look forward to seeing you in-game!

  8. Was it Magicman? Who was it that said that this would come out of subscription first? I think Magicman said Tera was going to be the first. Well you lost the game Magicman, come pick up your drink.

    • Almost a good memory. I called it the other way around and got this one right (if you count this as a F2P conversion even though it’s B2P). In episode 36 of the F2P Cast at about 45 minutes in I said my “bold” prediction at the time would be that The Secret World would convert before Tera 🙂

      No drinks this time my friend! 🙂

      • And I do count it as F2P conversion. the reason the made it b2p is mostly because they still want some more incoming cash and because it would cause to much of the adult-ish crowd to be angry and rage quit. Some are still not happy about the b2p conversion. I’ll just hold out from buying it and see where this will lead

        • I totally agree with you. I’m happy because I bought it at launch to get familiar with it and it’s updating now 🙂

  9. “The Secret World will also continue to offer an optional subscription that nets players some monthly extras in the way of experience perks and Cash Shop currency. Lifetime subscribers automatically receive these and other perks”

    This is said twice, before and after the quote from TSW staff (I assume).

    Well, seems like a good attempt to salvage it. Buy to play may be the option to make both devs and players happy. No sub, but half a triple A title cost to play. Not bad at all.


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