Path of Fire, Guild Wars 2’s next update, is almost ready to roll out. Today, ArenaNet posted a reminder that the update will make its way to servers on September 22.

The launch is scheduled for 9:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7) and before that, players can catch a two hour live-stream — including pre-show — via Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook.

That said, players have a few additional things to look forward to before (and after) launch date. On Monday, September 18, the Elonagram Screenshot Contest winners will be announced. The following day, ArenaNet will drop the official launch trailer for Path of Fire. Then, the day before the launch, ArenaNet will be running a marathon of Guild Chat episodes, developer diairies, and videos on the GW2 Twitch channel. Finally, Path of Fire content will be streamed all weekend long beginning on the 23rd. A schedule of the planned streams is available on the Guild Wars 2 site.

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  1. I love the Guildwars concept of buy once play till we stop sort of concept.
    I have always bought them,
    The one thing I do not understand is why not build Guildwars 3 instead of trying to get more money from us which they won’t from me! as I am a preferred Guildwars buyer & thought it was all a once only payment.
    I don’t see them now as a game company that actually stands by their own concept.
    They now seem to of followed what every other game does and that’s ask for more and more money for addon’s & dlc’s I don’t mind a shop, Now with the updating the game with pay for another addon’s just seems to melt away their idea of pay once play till we drop.
    Falling for this has definitely put off their franchise in a certain way.
    It now seems demeaning to play just guildwars 2 as you are now just a bare bones player & not the in the game at all without buying more addons. Kind makes it all a redundant idea of their own great concept.


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