Three Journeys Make A Comeback In GWENT, Previous And New Extra Rewards Now Available

Continue where you left off or finally experience what you missed.

Anthony Jones
By Anthony Jones, News Editor Posted:

GWENT Journey Aug 10

GWENT, The Witcher series' collectible card game spin-off by CD Projekt Red, has brought back three Journeys with their old rewards and extra unlockable goodies. The best part about their re-launch is that there are no time limits, following the trend of infinite progression similar to May's Season 1 and 2 Journey launch.

The three Journeys, Geralt, Ciri, and Alzur, can be started at the beginning, or players who managed to play them can pick up where they left off. Every round played and won across GWENT's competitive game modes will give players Journey progression and, as they climb the 100 levels, unlock ornaments, kegs, cards, and other unique rewards at each level. Though, this time around, those who go beyond level 100 will receive new exclusive rewards. To climb the level latter faster than usual, players could complete newly-added quests or check in daily and get a "Well rested" buff to speed up their progression.

As with previous Journeys, leveling them up opens up more customization options for characters like Geralt, giving players the ability to change their weapon, armor, trophies, and accessories. Also, coming with the returning Journeys are coin skins and animated avatars and borders. Anyone fishing for a head start on the Journeys could purchase a Premium Pass for $24.99. It jumps players up 25 levels, unlocks Geralt's legendary neutral skin, and grants 20 additional ornaments.

You can read the official patch notes on the GWENT website to learn more!

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