We’ve been following the saga of Tibia’s most difficult achievement — a door that could only be opened by a player who’s reached level 999 — for about a year now. Last August, a player named Kharsek attained that level and journeyed beyond the mystical door, but chose not to reveal what lay beyond.

More recently, a player who goes by the name Dev Onica also reached that lofty status but decided to hold its contents for ransom, trying to raise $5,000 via donations to his “Vacation Maroko 2017” fund. When that didn’t go well, Dev Onica — now level 1,001 — decided to simply stream himself going through the door.

As PCGamer reports, and the video above shows, over 16,000 viewers showed up and they were treated to … a little tropical island. Palm trees. A trophy. Miscellaneous vendors, including one who sells bananas. All that, for 12 years of effort.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped players from coming up to conspiracy theories about “Schrödinger’s Island.” Dev Onica, who’s not the most well-liked member of the Tibia community by far, apparently didn’t explore the island to everyone’s satisfaction, as “viewers demanded he try interacting with objects and NPCs in various ways, convinced that the island held some deeper mysteries.”

A third player, Lyh, is level 977, and Tibia fans hope he will be more forthcoming in his attempts to uncover the island’s potential mysteries. Maybe it’s really the island from Lost.

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