Another Planeswalker class has been revealed for Cryptic Studios’ Action RPG Magic: Legends. He’s pale, he’s purple, and he hangs out with the recently (or not-so-recently) deceased. That’s right, he’s the Necromancer.

To introduce The Necromancer to players properly, the devs dropped a detailed post on the Magic: Legends blog detailing the class’s personality, game play, and the general design philosophy that went into making it. Of course, you can read all this in full on the game’s site, but the important part is going to be the game play.

Much like any necromancer class, Magic: Legends’ Necromancer walks the fine line between raising the dead and sacrificing creatures to fuel their power. They can siphon power from their enemies to heal themselves, summon skeletons to attack, or make use of mana to hurt anyone brave (or crazy) enough to come near them. Some abilities require the Necromancer to sacrifice their creatures in order to power them. Others require the Necromancer to give up some of his own life in order to summon even more powerful creatures.

Effectively, played right, the Necromancer should be a pretty impressive class. Although, it looks like he may have a slight learning curve.

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