Time To Hunt For Blood: V Rising's Early Access Is Now Available On Steam

Become the next Dracula...or "un-die" trying.

Anthony Jones
By Anthony Jones, News Editor Posted:

V Rising Early Access

After a successful closed Beta, V Rising's highly-anticipated Early Access is now available on Steam for $19.99. Whether solo or co-op on official servers with "up to 40 players," you'll be getting your feet wet with the dangers in the gothic world of Vardoran.

Swedish game developer Stunlock Studios has lined up many activities to do within the game that'll contribute to your survival. As a newly awakened vampire in a world conquered by humans, you'll need to feed on their blood to gain new powers, hide from the scorching sun, and jump between real-time PvE and PvP combat to survive (depending on server type selection). Also, you'll need to fortify your castle to protect yourself and your home base and delve into deep lairs with supernatural beasties or unknown terrors. Being a diplomat of sorts will be beneficial to your campaign to become the next Dracula too, giving you the option to attack player castles or build relations.

With a mostly positive review score on Steam already, V Rising seems to be hitting the points fans wanted and is bound to evolve as time goes on. Marketing Director Johan Ilves at Stunlock Studios echoes that sentiment in their announcement, speaking on tuning the game throughout Early Access:

“With a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (but mostly blood), we have created the foundations for a truly unique vampire gameplay experience. This Early Access campaign will allow us to fine-tune V Rising and take the final steps in creating a genre-defining gem.”

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OldGlory 2 years ago
Have seen few streams, game looks slow, at least from start, but people enjoy it... going to wait Mikes feedback :)

Flintstone 2 years ago
Cheers, the wait is over its time to step in..

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