Paladins as depicted in fiction tend to be somber and serious warriors of light, devoted to the pursuit of righteous justice in the name of their god. So one has to wonder what Battlerite‘s newest champion thinks about having to share a headline (and graphic) with a man dressed in a chicken suit. He’s probably not amused.

Ulric, The Unwavering Light is Battlerite’s newest hero, bringing the very paladin-y powers Hammer of Justice, Holy Light, and Radiant Shield to the arena. He costs 900 Gems or 5800 Battle Coins to unlock, and once you have him, you can also purchase the Divine Strength Bundle for an additional 950 Gems, granting you a legendary outfit, three Ulric chests, and a seven-day booster.

If you’re looking for something a little less serious, you can try out Battlerite’s Easter event, Bakko’s Egg Brawl. Hunt for magical eggs in the arena and hurl them at your enemies, who, like you and your allies, are dressed up in Bakko’s feathery chicken get-up. Win 15 rounds of the Egg Brawl to receive the Golden Rooster Chest, which contains the Golden Rooster and two random rare items.

Learn more about Ulric and all the clucking action on the Battlerite website.

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